View from in here…

I recently acquired a great quote from Career Strategist Mark Venning at Change Rangers “Don’t let anyone rent space in your brain for free”…

I love the quote, and it certainly helps place a value on your knowledge and creative energy. This is especially critical for those of us who are seeking income for the value we provide! However, it also got me thinking. What if you could find a way to give a virtual tour to “The view from in here…” . I know from speaking to people that how I view the world and the connections I make between seemingly disconnected ideas to create new direction can (and does) inspire others to do the same.  And I get juiced by hearing back their thoughts and building on things together. Eventually I hope that the mutual exchange leads to something which improves both our worlds. I certainly don’t want to rent space in my brain for free, and once an idea is out there and flying free its hard to ask for a refund!!!! But it does also speak to Mitch Joel’s recent post about networking and the need for it to be a two way exchange.

I think people buy you, your ideas, values and the way you interact with the world way before they buy your work. I want to make sure people can get a taste of the way I think and connect before they buy. Perhaps thats why I blog, Twitter and engage in all forms of social networking (real world and digital). Just as I enjoy having offline conversations that are a mutual exchange of ideas, challenges and discovery, so I hope the online community will respond and add to the dialogue.

Join me – and likewise, share with me a little of the view from over there if you will.



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