Things that make you go “mmmmm…?”

This morning’s post is inspired by Liz Strauss (via chuckfrey). 20 Questions to Kickstart New Thoughts

Although written in 2007, the questions Liz poses to inspire new ideas are still very valid. The one that made me go mmmmm this morning was #6 of the second 10 “Do you know the most important thing you’ve learned?”

While I have learned many things and I hope to continue learning every day of my life, the most impactful lesson I learned came from a cherished mentor who gave me the courage to trust my instincts.

For me – my instinct kicks in whenever there is a tough choice to be made. It fires up and shows me which way to shoot. And I can tell the difference between instinct and lizard brain because more often that not the instinct brain is telling me to do something which is neither easy or simply – just right. Whenever I steer away from what my gut is telling me, or ignore the inner voice that is trying so hard to guide my actions, it feels false – like I’m trying too hard to do what others think I should.

I try every day to live my authentic and instinctive self, which isn’t easy. Trusting your instincts is about following through with something that feels right – even when it feels risky and against the flow (ESPECIALLY when it feels risky and against the flow). Its the moments that make you uniquely you, and not an automaton. Trusting your instincts can also be about listening to others, taking onboard different perspectives and then being clear with the decisions you are making and why. Its okay to have your instincts either reinforced or guided by others but fundamentally the core must be your own.

So – to continue with Liz’s provocation – Do YOU know the most important thing you have learned?


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