Uniquely, exquisitely you…

I’m so energised and inspired by the many bloggers and authors who are calling on us to find our niche, revel in our strengths and bring our unique self to the world. Whether your favourite flavour is Hugh MacLeod, Pam Slim, Seth Godin or any number of others worthy of honourable mention, there’s a lot to be said for knowing what makes you uniquely and exquisitely you and then working hard to keep original. I agree with them that passion, energy and commitment is very alluring and contagious.

Whether you are focused on yourself as an individual, or how you define the special difference that your business brings to the world, understanding what others gain from meeting and knowing you is essential to branding yourself.

  • What do people/organisations gain from interacting with you? How do you aid their world?
  • What did you bring to the table today that might otherwise not have happened had you not been there?
  • Did you enable them to do something quicker, smoother, more effectively, cheaper than they might have otherwise done on their own?
  • Did you spark a new idea? Create something? Help move something forward? Alleviate the pressure from someone else?
  • What change in the world did you enable (big or small, noticed or not) that would not have been possible were it not for your contribution.
  • Did you leave the people you met today better for having spent time with you?

I hope I did.

Have a fantastic Canada Day everyone!


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