Time to add some inspiration…

Like many, I am an eclectic consumer of all kinds of information sources… taking inspiration from books, music, places and people. Like the namesake of my company, Alfred Russel Wallace and his explorer contemporaries, I actively seek out new ideas and new ‘species’ every day. Granted, many of the sources I read regularly have been found before (New York Times Bestsellers, renowned gurus and recognisable names like Seth, Guy, Mitch, Pam). Others are intentionally a little more off the beaten track. For your enjoyment this Friday, I thought I’d share a little slice of extra inspiration from just some of the blogs I follow…

To all mentioned here – thanks for all that you do.

For insanely practical marketing ideas for the smaller business http://ittybiz.com/

For always fascinating insight to the next big thing/s http://springwise.com/

Hugh rocks my world. Outspoken, irreverent and totally on the money! http://gapingvoid.com/

Recently discovered, Liz Strauss is a gift! http://www.successful-blog.com/

Great content around branding and positioning thanks to John Gatrell of Pragmatic Marketing  http://www.spatiallyrelevant.org/

Rosa Say of the wonderful Managing with Aloha and the Talking Story Blog http://talkingstory.org/

Great podcasts, insights and provocations from Anna Farmery of http://theengagingbrand.typepad.com/

Enjoy! Happy FF


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