Do you have time to make a new friend today?

Today an inbound unsolicited cold call got me thinking. Do we always welcome new contacts into our lives with an open attitude, or do we inadvertently shoo them away with quiet reserve and resistance?

“Have I caught you at a bad time? the caller asked, No? then please allow me to introduce myself…”

And so began a delightful conversation with a new business contact. Yes, it was a sales call, and there was a certain amount of candour over the reason for the call and the hope of the commercial future it might bring, but there was also a warm and genuine exchange of two people who might benefit from getting to know each other.

It was not so much in the words the caller used. Rather it was the gentle, polite and invitational way in which they were delivered. Translated, they said “do you have time to make a new friend today?”  Listening to the subtext, I paused and opened up for a great conversation with an intelligent, friendly and entertaining business contact. Now perhaps someone else might use exactly the same lexicon and I would have found their delivery presumptuous, manipulative, intrusive. But with a perfect tone and a pitch that can only evolve over time, the caller proceeded to intrigue, amuse and entice me into a conversation that proved fun and purposeful. Light banter, exchange of relevant information, occasional non-intrusive questions, a fair exchange of air time…within moments I am seduced, my mood is lightened and my intellect tweaked by the breath of fresh air that just approached my desk by way of an unsolicited phone call.

Got me thinking…

What if there is no such thing as a cold call. Only a cold manner. Maybe the resulting mood or temperature of the call is altered simply by the manner in which the caller or the recipient approaches the potential opportunity for initiating a new relationship. If you are not open to being approached by a new friend or contact, how do you know what opportunities you may be overlooking? Maybe that stranger calling you is simply a friend you haven’t met yet …


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