About Me

I’m Gabriella O’Rourke, Director of Business Development for a highly reputable and well established Law Firm in Toronto and the Founder/Principal of The Wallace Effect. I’m also a thinker, idea generator, writer, wife, mother, dog lover and Canadian resident sister to 4 fantastic adult siblings living their lives across the world, from Australia to the UK. I’m young enough to have kids in grade school and old enough to remember how people built relationships and did business before clicks and tweets.

Somewhere between then and now I’ve woven my core strengths of relationship development and persuasive communication skills into several interrelated career paths. I’ve built account teams, developed client relationship best practices, crafted and executed business strategies, implemented National and Global Marketing campaigns and collaborated with some of the best minds in business advisory and consulting services to help them achieve accelerated growth.

I’ve been lucky enough to have helped some of the world’s largest professional service and financial services firms at times of immense organizational and economic change; getting them past ‘stuck’ through ‘splat’ and out the gate on ‘where the heck do we start?”. I’ve also enjoyed working with smaller privately owned businesses as they explored new markets and expanded into uncharted territory.  I’m equally happy conceptualizing new business strategies, building plans, scoping out projects and then jumping in with both sleeves rolled-up, to follow through on execution.

The Wallace Effect is a metaphor for my life. Alfred Russel Wallace was a significant influence to Charles Darwin in the design and production of his theories of evolution. I too am passionate about enabling highly skilled professionals and their firms accomplish their growth goals quicker, smoother and more effectively than they might otherwise achieve alone. I thrive on working with intelligent people who recognize when they need a catalyst to instigate change and get the ball rolling on their toughest marketing and business development challenges.

When I’m not busy changing the world one social interaction at a time, I spend my summer weekends going back in time and downsizing stress by RVing in small town Ontario and my winter weekends watching an emerging speedskater and dancer reach their full potential.

This blog is a personal endeavour and the views expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of any organization I am affiliated with.

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  1. WOW, great read! Better than coffee!

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