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[Book Review] The Now Revolution

The Now Revolution, 7 Shifts to make your business faster, smarter, and more social by Jay Baer & Amber Naslund

What’s it about?

As the title suggests, the book explores shifts in a range of business areas, including talent attraction, product innovation, sales and marketing, client feedback and satisfaction as well as crisis management. So much more than a marketing manual or how to do social media guide, it is a challenge to create a socially responsive organization. As one of the examples highlighted in the book eloquently puts it, “Conspire to commit progress!”.

This is a call to action for the listening organization in the networked economy. For companies that want to build greater engagement with their people, their customers and their wider business communities.

Selected highlights:

  • Attributes of a healthy real-time culture
  • Step by step guides to setting up listening posts (Free, DIY and inexpensive solutions)
  • Smarter ways to filter and locate prospects, client issues and business trends which go way beyond google ad-words
  • Training staff in answering the social media telephone
  • Learning from real-time crisis management
  • Finding employees who know how to collaborate across functional, geographic and organizational boundaries

“If you don’t trust your employees to communicate with good judgement, you have a hiring problem not a social media problem.”

Get ready to read this book more than once. Different chapters will have you return to reread and download the additional resources included through very clever use of QR codes. Read with your Smart Phone handy and a tag reader at the ready. A link for a free tag-reader is even included in the first chapter.

Click here for quotes and tweets from the Vancouver date of the #TheNowRevolution book tour collated by @TBains

Next steps after reading the book:

  • Get your CEO a copy to read. Even if they don’t read it, it shows that you are engaged and thinking of ways the business can improve
  • Buy copies for your clients and attach a manifesto that states you are endeavoring to become a listening organization & you’d welcome their feedback
  • Run reading groups and brainstorming sessions with your employees who are keen to find ways for the company to flex it’s social intelligence. Encourage them to be both students and teachers of the Now Revolution.
  • Send Amber or Jay a message on twitter @AmberCadabra or @JayBaer, including the hashtag #TheNowRevolution letting them know you have read the book and what you thought. They are absolutely living examples of the behaviours described in their book. Don’t take my word for it! Connect with them and find out for yourself.
  • Visit the Now Revolution Book site for tour dates and events
  • Check out this great six pixels podcast with Mitch Joel interviewing Jay and Amber on the book