#UsBlogs Round Up Permalink page

The following page is a permalink dedicated to rounding up contributions to #UsBlogs – blog posts from members of the #UsGuys 24/7 twitter chat community. Each week (or an adjusted schedule as necessary) I will add links to recent #UsGuys #UsBlogs



Like many great things that have evolved in the #UsGuys twitter stream and amongst the tribe, #UsBlogs was an idea germinated in discussions between a few members (Kudos to @YouTernMark & @Tommoradpour) to extend the conversation beyond the 140 and it quickly developed a life of its own. Welcome to #UsBlogs.

  • Anyone can suggest a topic – post your ideas in the #UsBlogs stream and cc me @GabyORourke
  • I will keep an eye out for all suggestions and will also keep track of the topics suggested for #UsGuysChat (if you don’t know about the chats, check here for a great post about the first #UsGuys Chat via @Mikulaja) These chats are being hosted on Mondays at 3pm EST
  • On Fridays I will pick a topic, post in the #UsBlogs stream and add to this page (see below)
  • Anyone who wishes to participate will blog over the weekend and publish anytime til Monday evening
  • No particular rules or template, no winners either – the benefit is simply to encourage conversation and great blogging beyond the 140
  • There is no requirement to blog EVERY weekend. Variety is the spice of life
  • There is no “qualification” to join our tribe or participate in #UsBlogs, except a desire to be part of a great group, and participate to our 24/7 chats with an open and positive mindset – welcome. If you want to know how to join #UsGuys, click here for instructions (:))
  • If you want to read the back story on how UsGuys came about and “what is…??”

In progress  ~ the current topic is “Fad, Failure or Future? The Rise and fall of technologies”

Join in and write a blog post. The topic is meant to be a starting point, and does not have to be limited to social media or software technology. In fact – Please do broaden it to any and all technology. Feel free to explore wherever the idea takes you.

Post and Tweet your post with a cc to me @GabyORourke and I will make sure it is collected in this Permapost round-up for all to see.


Are you a CE-GO or a CE-NO by Daniel Newman @DanielnewmanUV
Social Media in the CEO’s Suite by Libby Baker-Sweiger @Libbytalks
Leading by Example Socially by Lex Bradshaw-Zanger @LexBZ


Leadership Tips for Running a Foreign Subsidiary by Linda Sherman @lindasherman
5 Leadership Lessons you can only get from experience By Daniel Newman @DanielNewmanUV
22 Leadership Lessons you never learned from school By Kenny Rose @Grit08
Sales Managers are you leading by principle or Process? By Don Perkins @DonfPerkins
Leadership isn’t learned in a binder baby By Glain Roberts McCabe @Execroundtable
Mastering Leadership – Essential Lessons you won’t learn in school By Gabriella O’Rourke @GabyORourke


Relationships are becoming virtual, get over it By Karen Lund @Karen5lund
Social Media: It’s all been done before, right #usguys? By Jackie Coughlan @Jackinessity


The One Thing You Need to Build Your Network By Hedi Cohen @HeidiCohen
Sponge Bob Forever By Lex Bradshaw-Zanger @lexbz
5 Steps to Deleting the Fear That Facebook Will Ruin Your Life By Renee Malove @rmalove
What Am I Afraid Of? (And What I am Doing About it) By Jackie Coughlin @jackinessity
What I Am Afraid Of  By Jenny Herner @jennyherner
Kick your fears to the curb; not your ambitions By Glain Roberts-McCabe  @ExecRoundtable
Losing Myself: That is My Greatest Fear ByLibby Baker Sweiger  @libbytalks
What the FUD Are You Saying? 5 ways to use fear, uncertainty and doubt in marketing for positive results… By Stewart Rogers @therealsjr
Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid By Michele Price @prosperitygal
When your fears match up with Charlie Sheen’s By Jillian Jackson @onejillian
Are We Scared of Scale? By Steve Birkett @abovethestatic
Overcome your fear of Twitter By Kenny Rose @grit08
“I’m Not Afraid of Nothing.”  By Cat Caverly @greetums
Answering “What If?” By Karen Lund @Karen5Lund
No Sucking Allowed By Paul Biedermann  @PaulBiedermann
#UsBlog Challenge: What are you most afraid of? By Allison Aldridge @aldsaur
Go Fast Turn Left By Gabriella O’Rourke @GabyORourke
From Fear to Opportunity: Leveraging the #USfactor By Ian Gertler @iangertler
What Are You Afraid Of? More Importantly, What Are You Doing About it? 6 Ways to Make #Change Less Scary By Don Perkins @donfperkins


You don’t need to wait to change the world by Margie Clayman.@margieclaymanMaking a Difference In This World: The Power of Social Media by Libby Baker Sweiger (@libbytalks)
I have 2,947.5 Reasons… by Parissa Behnia (@parissab)
5 Things You Can Learn from Ventilator Assisted Children by Dan Perez (@danperezfilms)
Social Good Starts with you and me by Jonathon Brewer @Houseofbrew


Review Your Movie by Kenny Rose. @grit08
Your Brain On Stories by Jennifer Williams. @verilliance
What Hollywood Has Ben Trying To Tell Us by Freddie Winckler. @lefreddie
Mark Goes For An Oscar by Mark Robertson. @markosul
Movies: How They Impact Our Lives by Libby Baker Sweiger. @libbytalks
Going Beyond 120 Minutes… by Patrick Prothe. @pprothe
After The Credits Roll, What Lessons From Oscar? by Steve Birkett. @abovethestatic
Five Start-Up Lessons We Learn From Movies by Mark. @youternmark
What We Don’t Learn From The Movies by Robert Ortiz. @robertortiz
Hollywood 101 For Marketers by Lex Bradshaw-Zanger. @lexbz
Movie Revelations by Kat Caverly. @greetums
Online Video Success by Heidi Cohen. @heidicohen
What We Learn From The Godfather by Cary Branscum. @carybranscum
Can Social Media Predict The Oscars? by Brad Spychalski. @bradspy
What Toy Story 3 Taught Me About Bullies by Michelle Price. @prosperitygal
After The Movies by Lucy Goldberg. @lucygoldberg
Movies And Social Media: The Connection by Ian Gertler. @iangertler
Does Every Website Have To Be Oscar Worthy? by Jill Manty. @mantywebdesigns


Kase Study on Klout – The Highest Lama by Mark Robertson. @markosul
I Build For Life by Stephen Caggiano. @stephencaggiano
Offline Klout: I Know The Source by Libby Baker Sweiger. @libbytalks
Measuring Reality: 4 Game Changer Trends For 2011 by Nick Kellet. @nickkellet
You ‘Da Man! by Gaby O’Rourke. @gabyorourke
Klout Doesn’t Measure What Really Matters by Margie Clayman. @margieclayman
Offline Klout – Secret Algorithms Revealed by Jonathan Brewer. @houseofbrew
The One Thing Klout Is Not by Thomas Moradpour. @tommoradpour
Can Your Klout Score Get You a Job? by Mark. @youternmark
Building Offline Clout Not Klout by Todd Jordan. @tojosan
In The Klout World by Rabab Khan. @rababkhan
From The Mouth Of Babes by Josepf Haslam. @josepf
T-shaped On Twitter And In Life by Lex Bradshaw-Zanger. @lexbz
Sorry, I’m Not On Facebook by Allie Walker. @NYC_allie
Under The Influence by Karen Lund. @karen5lund
Making Connections: Real Life Edition by Patrick Prothe. @pprothe
Offline Influence Now Measured Online by Lewis Poretz. @lewisporetz
The Klout Myth And Living Above The Influence by Dan Perez. @danperezfilms
Klout In The Cracker Jack Box by Matthew Browne. @matthewliberty
What Is Your Influence Report Card by Heidi Cohen. @heidicohen
In search Of Leader by Shrinath Navghane. @mrshri
Building Offline Klout by Jackie Coughlan. @jackinessity
Got Klout by Jill Manty. @mantywebdesigns
How To Build Offline Klout: A Real-Estate Broker’s Perspective by Robert Ortiz. @robertortiz
You Are The Smoke To Klout’s Fire by Ryan Zeigler. @ryanjz
Glazed Stare? Try A Comfy Chair by Paul Biedermann. @paulbiedermann


The Leadership Of Friends by Libby Baker Sweiger. @libbytalks
10 Leadership Lessons from Twitter by Thomas Moradpour. @tommoradpour
Follow The Leader by Jonathan Brewer. @houseofbrew
Global Leadersh…? by Mark Robertson. @markosul
The End Of The Visionary by Gabriella O’Rourke. @gabyorourke
50 Traits I Look For In A Leader by Margie Clayman. @margieclayman
Recipes For A 21st Century Leader by Mark Babbitt. @youternmark
A Leader In The 21st Century by Easwar Hariharan. @meindian523
You Are Not A Machine by Kenny Rose. @grit08
21st Century IS Leadership by Todd Randall Jordan. @tojosan
The 21st Century Leader by Patricia Wilson. @brandcottage
The 21st Century Leader by Jackie Coughlan. @jackinessity
Being The Boss In The 21st Century by Bev. @SMBossLady
My Leadership Philosophy by Sean McGinnis. @seanmcginnis
21st Century Leaders Will Be Doodlers by Paul Biedermann. @paulbiedermann
21 Century Leadership: The Old Curmudgeon by Allison Aldridge Saur. @aldsaur
On Leadership: I’m In A Teacher State Of Mind by Paula Lee Bright. @almost60really
Rebels With A Cause by Freddie Winckler. @lefreddie
Needed – 21st Century Leaders For An Open World by Karen Lund. @karen5lund
Soak, Wash, Rince, Spin – Leading In The 21st Century by Patrick Prothe. @pprotheGreat Leaders Aren’t Born, They Are Made by Don Perkins. @donfperkins
What I Learned On The Playground by Heidi Cohen. @heidicohen
A Show Of Hands by Robert Ortiz. @robertortiz


Twitter: Network or Podium by Todd Jordan. @Tojosan
Twitter: Network vs. Podium by Sam Fiorella. @Samfiorella
Twitter: Podium vs. Network by Heather A. Taylor. @heatherAtaylor
Twitter: Social Network, Podium… or Billboard? by Mark Babbit.   @Youternmark
Save 140: Just say NO! To Deck.Ly by Tom Moradpour. @TomMoradpour
Podium or Network? Twitter Really Is An MMORPG by Tom Moradpour. @TomMoradpour
Mad As Hell Podium Or Network by Kenny Rose. @Grit08
Social Media: The Podium, The Network And More by Paul Biedermann. @PaulBiedermann
Twitter: Podium or Network by Sean McGinnis. @SeanMcGinnis
I Have A Tweet by Patrick Prothe. @pprothe
#usguys on Twitter: A Newbie’s Perspective by Libby Baker Sweiger. @libbytalks
#usguys And Twitter: We’re A Network Not A Podium by Jackie Coughlan. @jackinessity
Is Twitter A Virtual Soap Box Or Town Hall? by Karen E. Lund. @Karen5Lund
Are You Wearing a Shinny White Suit by Freddie Winkler. @LeFreddie
Twitter: Podium or Network by Rabab Khan. @RababKhan
Twitter: Podium or Network by Kelly Kim. @twylah
Social Media Strawman by Jacob Varghese. @jacobvar
Social Media Super User by Robert Headley. @robertheadley
Twitter: Corporate Communications Chameleon by Heidi Cohen @heidicohen



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