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The Kick Off…

They say your first blog post should establish your position – who you are, what you’re about and why you are blogging. So here goes.

I’m not a complete noob to blogging. I started writing in Spring of ’07 as a way of building my awareness. As Tapscott said – the only way to understand it (social media) is to dive in. Then a great position with a big4 consulting firm prevented me from continuing (all sorts of clauses about not running any kind of side venture).

3 years and many interesting challenges later, I am excited to launch a new venture and a new blog.  The Wallace Effect is about inspiring new thinking and removing obstacles to becoming remarkable (both personal and organizational). Named for Alfred Russell Wallace who provoked Darwin to go beyond religious sensitivities and think bigger with his theories, The Wallace Effect aims to provoke new thinking, develop new approaches and inspire full potential in people and their organizations.

I cannot wait to get back to the tools that will help me extend the conversation with people I haven’t met yet. Whether you write professionally or just to satisfy a personal itch – please add your 0.2 and join the conversation. What effect will Wallace have on your thinking today?